Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Welcome, so glad you made it. You are one of our most valued partners. Hats off to you and all that you do to make the properties) sparkle and shine. We understand in todays market the hardest part of maintaining a landscape is the landscape contractor! It should not be like this… we are on your team. we are your most useful tool against any problem you may have on the property. We pride ourselves on the phrase “ok no problem”. Unit 1802 need their windows washed and its not in our contract? “ok no problem” . has the trash company not showed up in two weeks and you need the trash-pocolyps to end on your site? “ok no problem”. Need a conference room for your condo trustee meeting and need to use ours? “ok no problem” we are here to be your problem solvers not just a dollar sign on a yearly sales ledger. Let me introduce you to our Commercial sales team. Meet Julia Silva, Jayson Lawler, Phill Hannaford, Will Skopinski, And Ken Keegan.


Role: Office Admin Fun Fact: "One day I would love to travel to all of the Disney's around the world."  


Role: Crew Member Fun Fact: "I own a 1983 Camaro."


Role: Crew Member Fun Fact: "I have traveled to Spain."


Role: Crew Member Fun Fact: "I enjoy building cars."


Role: Crew Member Fun Fact: "My favorite dessert is Blueberry Cobbler ."


Role: Crew Member Fun Fact: "One of my favorite musical artists is Madonna."


Role: Crew Member Fun Fact: "My Cats name is Jim Dandy"
Ken Keegan


Role: Landscape Design and Accounts Manager Fun Fact: "I enjoy playing hockey in a mens league"


Role: Construction Foreman Fun Fact: "I like to go kayaking and fishing in my spare time."


Role: Office Admin Fun Fact: "My dogs name is chad."