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Lawn Renovations & Grading

GRASS!!! My favorite! so you don’t have it? and you want it? or you have it, but it doesn’t look nice? Well you’ve come to the rite place! Take it from me , a green lush lawn is essential to a happy family. KnK Installs and renovates 100s of properties lawns each season. With equipment specially imported just for our operation, im sure Nick will exceed all your expectations.Meet Nick, our turf specialist.

the secret to any successful turf lawn is the foundation. just like in anything it all starts with what “the foundation”. Grass needs water yes, but it needs water to fuel its inner workings to have energy from yes the sun but most of all, the soil it is growing from. the LIFE SOURCE Of the turf is the soil. without great soil, you will not have a great lawn. Many will say loam is a great source of nutrients. In today’s environment we like to challenge that. We understand the 1/3 1/3 1/3 mix of loam is great for drainage, and stability, and some nutrition. but i argue it just not enough. and many supplies are selling mediocre loam and calling it great soil. When knk uses soil we use a compost loam mix specially made specific just for knk and stored at one of our supply yards. we can have a thousand yards of this soil at some points during the season. Now that we have a good soil we need to apply it properly. a healthy lawn needs minimum 6’’ of loam. now with this in mind also keep in mind soil compacts to roughly 13%. so when you do your calculations on how many yards you need for your project add 13% or you’ll come up short or thin!
once we have a good foundation the seed mix is almost as important. without a good healthy mix of well thought out seeds your lawn won’t be a match to the test of time.

Rye and fescues mixed with blue grass is most common for new england. Having multiple grasses can help fight off balding during time of “war”. we call it war when a lawn is being attacked by a pest or something of the sort. Each sort of grass has a different list of predators and sustibilites. so putting all our eggs in one basket isn’t always wise.

now the seed is chosen we need to address the thatch and irrigation. how much water is this install going to need to stay damp at all times? The soil needs to stay damp AT ALL times for seed to germinate. Thatch helps absorb water like a sponge. but can also harbor moisture away from the seed, while irrigation systems are almost always a must. i can set you up in a temp irrigation system for not alot of money. think of it as an insurance on your investment.

Every lawn installation gets starter fert from us. don’t ever forget to spread the phosphorus. Phosphurus like in potatoes promotes new root growth. this will pay off dividens! and your not allowed to install phosphorus when not installing new lawns so take the opportunity now!
Now we have to wait 6 weeks to see first germination of the blue grass. The rye grasses will start germinating in 2-5 days but we don’t really care about the rye. the blue grass is what is hard to wait for at time. so basically 6 weeks of watering constantly.

All of our turf installations and renovations are backed with a one year growth guarantee. now this is pending the fact that you watered. we will be able to tell. dehydrated soil is almost impossible to hide from us. so please! be our MVP when it comes to wattering.

Now if your concerned about the earth elevations on your property. chances are your getting puddles in your back yard or even your basement. if you are getting either YES you have a grading issue. When calling our office make sure to just mention what it is your problem is and ken and myself will come to your property to assess what the issues are on your land and find the underlying cause of this water. Water issues should very RARELY be fought with sub pumps and french drains.. Finding the source of the issue and solving it is a much much better solution. Please give us a call we are here to help.